Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Fabrication method of automotive specialty tools

Automotive specialty tools manufacturing and processing, application technology The utility model relates to the field of sheet metal parts welding device, especially the sheet metal welding fixture.
automotive specialty tools

Auto repair tools as the metal parts are widely used at present, it is not only easy to shape and high machining efficiency, low cost, and the welding of sheet metal parts need precision of control, because of the thin Auto repair toolspieces of ontology and hardness is lacking, when making welding, if there is no fixed well, so it is easy to occur because of the heat deformation, etc., processing the shape of the damage, so for the automotive specialty tools,  automotive specialty tools pieces of fixed is one of the most important step, and the existing  automotive specialty tools often simply brutal for sheet metal parts clamping, for different metal sheet, the welding, According to the structure of different clamping specific parts, to make the sheet metal parts after welding to maintain a good design shape.
Technical implementation elements:
The utility model aims to provide a auto repair tools which is convenient for welding and stable for holding.
In order to achieve the above technical objectives, the technical scheme adopted by the utility model is as follows:
Automotive specialty tools, the lifting mechanism including base, brackets, connection box, and a number of clamping device, described the connection box is fixed on the base of the rectangular frame structure and face, described in the lifting mechanism is fixed in the base is located in the center of the connection box, as described in the brackets in connection box and connected to the lifting mechanism and the lifting mechanism drives the lifting brackets do sports, described several holding mechanism set in the connection of the edge of the box on end face, holding mechanism as stated in the article including adjusting bolt and compaction, described the connection box on the end face of edge set corresponding to the clamping mechanism are equipped with threaded hole, The lower part of the adjusting bolt is connected with the thread hole and one end of the compression strip can slide up and down to rotate the sleeve
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