Thursday, February 28, 2019

Best dry dust extractor for industrial purpose

 The dust extraction machines will automatically blow dust from the filters as you work (generally, every 15–30 minutes). This keeps the dust extractor working at its optimum capacity. As filters become clogged, air flow is reduced.
dust extraction machine

Dust-free dry dust extractor refers to the use of pneumatic tools or electric tools, do not use water grinding method.The dust generated by grinding will be "swallowed" by the synchronous integrated dust collection system.Compared with the traditional manual water grinding process, the advanced automatic dry dust extractor process has three major advantages:
Time-saving and labor saving: the output rate of the workstations in the factories using water grinding is far lower than that in the factories using dry grinding.Because the cutting force of the manual water mill is far inferior to the machine dry grinding, so the same workpiece must spend three times the time of the dry grinding of the paint master.And the paint of water mill master must wait for the working area of every water mill working procedure to dry thoroughly, ability undertakes next working procedure.In this way, no matter the time spent in the process or the waiting time between the processes, dry grinding is much shorter than water grinding. The paint master who USES automatic dry grinding can finish more cars in the same station.
Environmental protection: the environmental protection of dry dust extraction process is obvious, water grinding process not only will produce a lot of sewage, and water grinding paint master's hand all year round bubble in dirty water will cause damage to the opponent, especially in the northern region of our country, in winter water grinding paint master's work becomes more hard.Compared with the dry dust extractor process does not need water, and the use of dust-free technology, especially with the active dust collection dry extraction system.A clean environmental protection spray paint workshop is completely achievable.Along with our country's labor and the environmental protection law consummation day by day, together with the worker's self-protection consciousness enhancement, the environmental protection has become our unavoidable question.
Good paint treatment effect: also the most important point.The biggest advantage of dry dust extractor process is good finish treatment, greatly reducing rework.Dry dust extraction process is machine grinding, so the surface of the workpiece is very flat, and because the whole process of the workpiece surface without water, so avoid the common water grinding orange peel, bubbles, sand marks and other rework problems.

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